Mexican Coke

I love soft drinks. Even though I try to limit it to drinking one bottle a week (since I’m not a big fan of cancer, overweight, etc.), I’m still a huge fan. When I went to Mexico a few years ago, I took the chance to have a local coke. The Mexican Coke, also called Coca Cola de Mexico is something really special. It comes in a glass bottel and is sweetened using cane sugar.

I drank this special coke in Acapulco. Some of my Mexican friends took me to this place with questionable hygienic standards close to the beach. To my surprise, the food and this drink tasted just awesome! I just love to explore a city with locals and be suprised in this way. I’ve had a similar experience in Mexico City, where again my friends took my to a really small, dark place, where I ended up eating the best Mole in all the trip.

Mexican Coke

Another advice for soft drink lovers: If you ever come to Texas, make sure to try Dublin Dr Pepper – at least if you are, like me, a huge fan of Dr. Pepper.



When I arrived at the old factory, some people had gathered. Not many, but at least some. Good sign! Before I hadn’t been sure if there would really be something happening. News were going around that a controlled demolition team was about to blow up something. For them it was no big deal, they hadn’t announced this anywhere in the newspapers, just involved the necessary officials. However, the news had found its way to some people and I was one of them.

It would be excagerating to speak of a spectacular event. To be honest, the actual explosion was neither loud nor involved any impressive fireworks. It was a subtle boom and the tower collapsed in itself. Show over.

Blowing stuff up

At this time, I didn’t had the best camera, so I was pretty happy to have got at least one decent shot. Oh, and note the little pink toilet both on the left side. Which cruel boss sends his heavy duty guys on a pink John?

Good Morning, Sunshine

At the end of the year, its time to plan the next, especially when you’re working in a company. So what you do is a workshop. You sit together, preferably at a quiet location, and plan projects for the years to come. This work itself is actually not as easy as it sounds but quite often this means staying in a nice hotel in some city not too far away. This time it took me to Bad Herrenalb, a little city in the Black Forest. The way there in the Alb Valley Railway is already worth the ride. Also you have quite decent food, a swimming pool and a sauna. And believe me, when its snowing outside like crazy, there’s nothing better than a hot sauna.

After the first day and a good nights sleep I woke up to this incredible panorama. This is just one of these occasions, where you can’t put the real beauty of the scene into one photo. The sun was just rising, shining its first rays on the snow covered hills, all this accompied by the cold, fresh air and the smell of fresh snow in the morning. I’m happy nobody saw me in this moment, standing on my balcony in underwear, actually freezing my ass off, but unable to go back inside while trying to capture this perfect moment.

A Wonderful Morning

Merry Christmas

What are we seeing here? Not a particularly good photo, but I’m okay with that for today. What we have here is a Christmas glass ornament. Looks weird, huh? I guess thats because it got burned pretty bad, just as the tree it fell from and actually just like basically everything else around. That also explains the nice layer of ashes on the wooden floor carpet.

Fire on Christmas

I won’t get into the details of where and why I took this photo, it just reminds me of how everyone should appreciate being able to have a nice normal Christmas. So enjoy the day. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Plane From The Moon

This is one of these photos, which could have been awesome. What I had in front of my eyes really had potential for an awesome image. What I had in my hand was a smartphone lacking any possibility to zoom. Argh! Do you know the feeling? There is this really awesome thing right in front of you, but you have no camera or just a crappy smartphone camera at hand.

So there you have it, my best possible shot of a really nice subject: a plane passing by in front of the fading moon in the background.

Plane from the Moon

Prison Break

The Fort Worth Stockyards are what most tourists would consider “real Texas”.  The historic district  in Fort Worth, Texas is somewhat of a time travel experience and the place-to-be for Wild West fans. It is not uncommon that you will find a sign entering the bar, reminding you “we ain’t calling 911” and showing the picture of a gun. Don’t mess with Texas!

Prison Break

One day I was walking around the Stockyards after a great lunch at Riscky’s Barbeque and suddenly I caught sight of something strange: a watch tower. But I couldn’t recall hearing of a prison close-by. I went there and to my surprise I indeed found a prison, the Penitenciaría Federal de Sona. Spanish name for a prison inside the USA? Here’s the explanation: It’s a fictional prison used in the TV series Prison Break. This completely run-down area used to be an old meat packing plant, not it lies in ruins. Sadly, when I found out about this place, the “prisoners” had escaped and TV crew already moved on.

What Holds A Cloud Up In The Sky?

It doesn’t take much to take a photo of clouds. And yes, I know Instagram and Facebook are cluttered with semi-artistic cloud photos. Sometimes I can’t resist either.

Clouds in the Sky

This photo was taken in my parent’s garden on a warm summers evening. The sun was setting, I just came home from a neighbor’s barbecue and looked up in the sky. The fading sunlight illuminated the clouds in a beautiful red, oragne tone while the sky in the back was changing towards a dark blue. Just couldn’t resist to snap a picture of that.