Good Morning, Sunshine

At the end of the year, its time to plan the next, especially when you’re working in a company. So what you do is a workshop. You sit together, preferably at a quiet location, and plan projects for the years to come. This work itself is actually not as easy as it sounds but quite often this means staying in a nice hotel in some city not too far away. This time it took me to Bad Herrenalb, a little city in the Black Forest. The way there in the Alb Valley Railway is already worth the ride. Also you have quite decent food, a swimming pool and a sauna. And believe me, when its snowing outside like crazy, there’s nothing better than a hot sauna.

After the first day and a good nights sleep I woke up to this incredible panorama. This is just one of these occasions, where you can’t put the real beauty of the scene into one photo. The sun was just rising, shining its first rays on the snow covered hills, all this accompied by the cold, fresh air and the smell of fresh snow in the morning. I’m happy nobody saw me in this moment, standing on my balcony in underwear, actually freezing my ass off, but unable to go back inside while trying to capture this perfect moment.

A Wonderful Morning


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