Mexican Coke

I love soft drinks. Even though I try to limit it to drinking one bottle a week (since I’m not a big fan of cancer, overweight, etc.), I’m still a huge fan. When I went to Mexico a few years ago, I took the chance to have a local coke. The Mexican Coke, also called Coca Cola de Mexico is something really special. It comes in a glass bottel and is sweetened using cane sugar.

I drank this special coke in Acapulco. Some of my Mexican friends took me to this place with questionable hygienic standards close to the beach. To my surprise, the food and this drink tasted just awesome! I just love to explore a city with locals and be suprised in this way. I’ve had a similar experience in Mexico City, where again my friends took my to a really small, dark place, where I ended up eating the best Mole in all the trip.

Mexican Coke

Another advice for soft drink lovers: If you ever come to Texas, make sure to try Dublin Dr Pepper – at least if you are, like me, a huge fan of Dr. Pepper.


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