The Aftermath of Heiterkeit

This week, we saw carnival celebrations taking place all around the globe. Even though I’m not a big fan, I couldn’t completely avoid the festivities. This year I was in the city of Flörsheim and I could show you some photos of the parade; but honestly, I don’t really feel like it. For me, it’s all the same. Mildly funny costumes, drunk people and lot’s of Heiterkeit (german for cheerfulness). Just not my kind of fun (and don’t worry, I have fun in my life).

So I was looking for an interesting shot this day anyway. At the end of the parade I had given up, there was not really anything that caught my attention. Then however I saw what all this cheerfulness left behind after the parade had passed and people started to return home. The streets were flooded with trash: empty bottles, plastic cups, confetti, all kinds of sh*t.


I guess this is the ugly side of each event that only few people ever see. It’s like your own birthday party – the guest leave and you are left with the aftermath. Just try to walk through a fair at 4 a.m. or check out a concert after it’s over. I promise, it will look like World War 3. And the next morning, magically it’ll all have disappeared. What’s sad is that most don’t even question their behavior or think about the people who spend their night cleaning our mess.


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