Going Resident Evil

I have to admit, this is a heavily edited photo. I changed the colors a little bit, put some fancy filters, but in the end this helped me to show how this place felt: dark and dirty.

I took this photo in Berlin just a month ago. In my opinion, Berlin is – while its full of life and culture – one of the ugliest places to go in Germany. It is just horribly dirty, dark and filled with very strange people. One of the best ways to suck in this┬ámesmerizing atmosphere is to go to the Berlin subway. While sometimes you will find nice looking stations (I’ll soon post some of these), it is more likely that you won’t. I mean, they shot the first Resident Evil movie down there. Do I have to say more?

Berlin Subway

I took this particular photo with my Samsung Galaxy S (on this trip to Berlin only one bum tried to steal it, yikes!) and then later edited it with Snapspeed, a pretty cool app that I recently discovered. It’s basically an Intragram that simply gives you a looot more options what to do with your picture. Wonder how you like it. Too much editing maybe?


2 thoughts on “Going Resident Evil”

  1. An interesting combination of angled shot on a Samsung Galaxy S and Snapspeed post-processing. Not using any of those myself, but I like the result here. Also nice short but interesting and detailed description too.


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