Big Boys

While in the last years I have developed some grown up hobbies like photography, I have also held on to some hobbies which might by some considered childish, for example my love for computer games. On a flea market in Strasbourg I found a lucky guy who was never forced to get over his love for toy cars.

At the flea market

On flea markets you can find a lot of interesting people, among the sellers as well as among the buyers. There are always some, which obviously have no other choice in life but to sell/buy there. It is quite sad to see how people have to let go of things they love just because they need the money. Then you find others, who try to make pure crap into money and you have to wonder who in hell buys their trash. And of course, there are the fans of vintage. They buy stuff for the sole fact that it has been laying around for a while 😉

If you’ve never been at a flea market, give it a try. Even if you (like me) aren’t planning to buy something, it’s worth a look.


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