Food Porn

I am one of the few guys who actually might enjoy cooking more than their wife, so from time to time (usually when I’m relly proud of myself) I also take a photo of what I’ve cooked. So here you go, my piece of foodporn:

Shrimp Pasta

I’ve cooked this shrimp pasta when I was in a cooking class (it was part of a team bonding experience event thingy at work). For those who care – pretty simple recipe: You peel and fry the shrimps, add salt and pepper. Then you throw in some tomatoes and the pre-cooked pasta. Mix it all, add some green stuff for the color and tadaaa!

For those who care about the photography: Taken with my NEX-C3 and then slighly edited with the android app EyeEm. I like what the app did with the colors. In some days I’ll talk a little bit more about EyeEm and why I’m really starting to like it (more than Instagram).


Barri Gòtic

Last year I took a trip to Barcelona and I have to say I was blown away by this city. It is simply magnificent  there is so incredibly much to discover. I had a really good time there and tried to see as much as possible. One of my favorite spots turned out to be the Barri Gòtic, the Gothic Quarter. This part of Barcelona is the center of the old city, some buildings dating back to the Middle Ages or even the times of the Roman Empire.

What I didn’t expect to find were any kind of shops. However, turned out there were many. You found your favorite sportswear brand, your favorite hipster camera store as well as hundreds of fashion stores. Luckily most of these shops were as extraordinary as their surrounding neighborhood.

Fashion Victim

Zombie Wonderland

Right now it’s that time of the year when American students take a break from their stressful life and … well, get wasted and STDs. It’s Spring Break Time! Party Time!

But have you ever thought of those students who are left behind? I experienced that during the Winter Break. Within two days almost everyone on the entire campus vanished, except me and a few other international students, who wouldn’t go home for the holidays. So I stayed a little longer (dont worry, a few days later I left for New York) and experienced something that 99% of the other students would never see: Zombie Wonderland!

Night at UNT

The campus was exactly how you would imagine a city in a zombie movie, just minus the destruction and the undead. As someone had the brilliant idea to turn of the wifi in the dorm (it’s not like these international students might wanna talk to someone on christmas, right?), I strolled around the empty campus at night and took some of these photos. Continue reading Zombie Wonderland

Island of Serenity

The Malecón 2000 in Guayaquil, Ecuador is in my opinion one of the nicest spots in this huge city. Once I read that Guayaquil is “boiling with vitality”, on the Malecón you can really feel that. Usually the 2,5km long boardwalk is crowded with people. There is always something going on, the street always full of life.

However, there is also another side to this, like in the following picture. This old guy has found a peaceful spot in the north of the Malecón close to Cerro Santa Ana.

Malecón 2000

Funny thing is, I can really relate to this Guayaquileño. Right now his island of serenity would be my #1 choice for writing something in this blog. Sunshine, life all around you, the river right in front of you and awesome food right around the corner. Soon…