I have to be honest, this is not a great photo, but that’s not the reason why I took it. I took it because I was kinda puzzled what was happening here.

I looked at this window inside a university building and wondered who would block an entire window with hundreds of books…

The Window

Eventually my mind couldn’t help but to imagine the story how of that happened 😉

“Hey guys, have you seen, there is a window in our room.”

“I don’t like a window in my room. Thats like 1984, no privacy and all.”

“How could we get rid of it?”

“Maybe with aluminium foil. Works fine at my home with these alien death rays.”

“Yes, but this looks like we are not working.”

“Were are not working.”

“But people can’t know. We need something that looks like we are working.”

“How about we just stash it with a ton of books?”

“Awesome! It will not only look like we are actually working, it will look like we are overworked.”

“Let’s do this, guys!”

Overbooked window


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