Zombie Wonderland

Right now it’s that time of the year when American students take a break from their stressful life and … well, get wasted and STDs. It’s Spring Break Time! Party Time!

But have you ever thought of those students who are left behind? I experienced that during the Winter Break. Within two days almost everyone on the entire campus vanished, except me and a few other international students, who wouldn’t go home for the holidays. So I stayed a little longer (dont worry, a few days later I left for New York) and experienced something that 99% of the other students would never see: Zombie Wonderland!

Night at UNT

The campus was exactly how you would imagine a city in a zombie movie, just minus the destruction and the undead. As someone had the brilliant idea to turn of the wifi in the dorm (it’s not like these international students might wanna talk to someone on christmas, right?), I strolled around the empty campus at night and took some of these photos.

Campus at Night

Campus at Night

Campus at Night


3 thoughts on “Zombie Wonderland”

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. These photo’s certainly have something creepy in them. Low p.o.v. ; strange, hard light; no living soul around. Like them. Cheers, harrie.


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