Lost in Guayaquil

On one of my tours trough Guayaquil, I came across a bar and peeked trough the windows. The sun was setting, however the place inside was still empty, just a couple of people inside. On the counter I could see this tourist couple, their backpacks lying on the floor, showing the bartender something on a smartphone. I guess they were asking for directions, trying to get to whereever they had to be, while outside it was starting to get dark.

The Bar

While they were in a relatively safe area, I had to wonder where these two lost tourists would go next. In cities like Guayaquil, where poverty and wealth live door to door, it  often takes just one wrong turn to end up in a bad neighborhood.

I am always surprised how careless many tourists are, their smartphones in their hands, the huge DSLR hanging around their necks like a “Please rob me”-sign. Unfortunately, those who disregard even basic safety rules are quite often the ones who afterwards complain the loudest. On the other hand, thanks to those tourists, I never got robbed. It is a little like swimming with sharks: Just attract less attention than the guy next to you and it’s likely you won’t end up as someone’s lunch.


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