Out on the Ocean, Up in the Air

Some months ago I had the chance to take part in a trip to the Baltic Sea up in the north of Germany. The reason of this trip was a visit to EnBW Baltic 1, an offshore wind farm a few kilometers off the coast. As I had just returned a few weeks earlier from Galapagos, I wasn’t too eager to get on a boat again. You have to know, on the Galapagos islands, I spent almost four hours every day on jumping, hot boats. While exploring the islands was simply awesome and even though the boat trips didn’t give me any seasickness, sitting two hours on an uncomfortable chair in a hot boat that jumps up and down until your a** feels like raw meat is no fun.

Luckily, this trip turned out to be fun anyway. It was incredible to see these incredibly huge wind turbines. Each wing attached to the rotors is about 50 meters long and it is just impressive to hear this deep sound of them rotating in the wind.

EnBW Baltic 1

On this picture you can see another boat called “Achiever”, transporting the maintenance crew of the electric utilities company EnBW back to the coast. These guys actually work over 60 meters high on these wind engines on the open sea and keep everything running.

EnBW Baltic 1

EnBW Baltic 1


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