When I come to Frankfurt in Germany, I am always impressed with the skyline. In my opinion, no other place gets closer to (the way more impressive) skyline of New York. Therefore, you might come across two nicknames of the city: “Mainhattan” and “Big Äpplewoi”, both in obvious connection to New York. “Mainhattan” is a mix of Main (the river that runs trough Frankfurt) and Manhattan, while “Big Äpplewoi” is a mix of “Big Apple” and a famous regional beverage, Apfelwein – cider.

While being only the second tallest tower in the city, the Commerzbank Tower is most likely the most impressive building so far. It can basically be seen from everywhere in the city.

Frankfurt, Commerzbank Tower

And Frankfurt is far from being done: As of now, there are 72 high-rise buildings under construction, approved or proposed for construction.


2 thoughts on “Mainhattan”

  1. Hi Oliver, I live in Frankfurt and I think you have captured the skyscrapers really well, nice shots!


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