Ants in the Rain Forest

Focus on the Little Things

Before going to the rainforest, I did tons of reading. How would I have to prepare myself and my equipment for this trip? I found a lot, but no definite answers. Some completely ruined their cameras in the environment, others had no trouble at all. In the end, I choose to take as little equipment as possible. So I just packed my Sony NEX and one lens, the Sigma 30 mm F2,8 (didn’t have a zoom lens at this time). I thought this was the best choice for the rainforest. And then I came across ants…

Ants in the Rainforest

These leafcutter ants, carrying pieces of leafs many times there own size, are for sure impressive – but damn hard to shoot when you have the wrong lens. Usually in these moments you would go for a macro lens and be happy, but I didn’t had any choice.

Ants in the Rainforest

At the same time, I wanted some parts of the picture out of focus, of course making it harder for me to shoot. What I did was switching to manual focus, aiming at a certain point and then wait until the ants came into focus. You shoot some pictures and hope one snapshot GOES well. I learned that it’s best to look up from your screen or viewfinder in order to best anticipate the moment when the ants come into focus. Still, it’s incredibly hard because they really don’t feel like stopping for nice photo. The little bastards keep running 😉

Ants in the Rainforest

In the end, I managed to get some nice shots with the equipment given at this moment. What do you think?


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