Naturally Saturated

Just a few days ago I visited the small French town of Roussillon. This city is famous for its large ochre fields. The colored mountains inspired the French scientist Jean-Étienne Astier to develop an industrial process for making ochre pigment. And when you get there, you can still feel this fascination.

Roussillon, Vaucluse

The red and yellow colored rocks are in a strange contrast to the green nature around them. Interestingly, the ocre is the reason for a flourishing fauna, allowing plants to grow there which you wouldn’t regularly find in the south of France.

Roussillon, Vaucluse

In the back of the pictures you can even see how the trees have been influenced by the ground they are standing on.

Roussillon, Vaucluse

Sometimes you feel like being on a different planet. Without any editing of the photos, they look almost unreal. Everything appears heavily saturated.

Roussillon, Vaucluse

It is really a beautiful place worth visiting. There is only one thing that might stop you from going: Just like in a Holi Festival your shoes won’t survive this adventure unharmed 😉

Roussillon, Vaucluse


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