The Hue of You

When I walked through the streets of a small town in France called Roussillon, I was immediately fascinated by the colors of the houses. While in Latin America one town is more colorful than the next one, sadly you don’t find much of that in Europe.

The Colors of Roussillon

This town was different, for one part because colors have always been an important aspect of this French town, as it is well know for the production of ochre.

The Colors of Roussillon

While many houses shared the color ochre as the basic color of their walls, all of them varied in hue as well as the color of the doors and window frames.

The Colors of Roussillon

Each house had it’s very own combination of colors, so much unlike the anonymity of a big city. In this town the houses possessed a character, just like the people living inside them.

The Colors of Roussillon


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