500 Layers of Advertisment

One day on my way home I stumbled upon a very rare kind of tree. Please take a moment and think about what you are seeing here. Is it really a tree? Could well be, but then it would barely be an interesting photo. So of course it’s not a tree. Any further ideas?

Urban Tree

Could you figure it out? It’s an advertising column. These columns can be found almost everywhere in Germany, here they are called “Litfaßsäule”, named after their inventor, German printer Ernst Litfaß. Each month or so new posters are clued on them, one on top of the other. Over the years, a thick layer of paper is building up around the column.

Now on my way home one day I found this advertising column with a huge chunk of paper missing.

Urban Tree

Obviously someone was bored (or drunk) enough to scratch it all of, revealing century old layers of advertisement. Maybe somewhere deep down you can still find the poster for ‘N Sync’s latest tour, Season 1 of Baywatch or the Nokia 3310.

Looking at this advertising column, I had to realize it’s indeed similar to a tree: An urban tree, his  tree rings revealing his age, his bark growing each year a little thicker.


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