Baños, Ecuador

Where People Eat

What I love about travelling is trying new kinds of food. Hence I have seen many different places, where people eat. An interesting one I came across in Baños, Ecuador.

Strolling trough the town, I had seen many people entering something that from the outside looked like a storage building. I couldn’t resist to follow them and check it out. Surprisingly, I ended up in a market/restaurant.

Baños, Ecuador

In one part of the warehouse merchants sold fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Baños, Ecuador

Baños, Ecuador

The other part of the building was filled with tiny kitchens. Assigned to each of these kitchens was a table right in front.

Baños, Ecuador

For me, this was a concept unlike everything I had seen before. Each of these kitchens prepared food only for one group of guests at a time.

Baños, Ecuador

Unfortunately, my pampered European stomach didn’t feel brave enough this day to try some of the food from this community (ironically, I got sick the next day from a supposedly “clean” restaurant, damn you weak stomach!).

Baños, Ecuador


15 thoughts on “Where People Eat”

  1. Not just your stomach 🙂 and yes supposedly clean. Did you take “batidos” (milkshakes with fruits like blackberry, strawberry)? The worst experience in Ecuador (jan/feb 2013).


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