New Year's in Karlsruhe


A few days ago I posted my article Rocket Science with some pictures of a New Year’s celebration. Now I want to share my beginning of 2014.

This year I celebrated the end of the year in the German city of Karlsruhe, more precisely the “Schlossplatz“. The Palace (“Schloss”) was the first building to be erected in this city in 1715 and the city has since grown around it. So there you have even more beginnings.

New Year's in Karlsruhe

People gathered all around the huge place in front of the palace, celebrating and getting ready to blast their rockets into the sky.

And then … 3 … 2 … 1 … it started.

New Year's in Karlsruhe

The sky was immediatly full of colorful explosion, as was the ground immediately filled with smoke – you could barely see the castle behind the thick wall of smoke.

New Year's in Karlsruhe

The historic decorations of the Karlsruhe Palace such as the statues were an interesting view against the sky, which was illuminated in all kinds of colors.

New Year's in Karlsruhe

The smoke, darkness and sudden flashes of light made it incredibly hard to get my camera to focus. Some really cool pictures ended up pretty out of focus.

As most of the time, I was working without a tripod. I might take better photos with one, but I can’t get around the idea of carrying all this clumsy equipment. One reason why I decided against a DSLR was being able to put my camera into a pocket, so now I wouldn’t wanna carry too much extra equipment.

New Year's in Karlsruhe

In other moments the place around the palace looked more like a battlefield. And sometimes it felt like one, rockets and other fireworks exploding all around you. For the occasional drunk idiot throwing fireworks into crowds seems to be an appropriate way to welcome the new year ;).

New Year's in Karlsruhe

Altogether, it was a really nice New Year’s celebration. If I wouldn’t move away (there is another beginning) I would probably spend next year on top of a hill, the Turmberg. From there, you have a spectacular view of all the city, that would for sure have been interesting.


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