Oliver Erb

Why I will change meandmymegapixels

For a little over a year, I’ve already been blogging here on meandmymegapixels. A good time to think about how to continue. I’ve spent the last few weeks pondering and eventually decided to change some things.

I’ve always felt that my blog was a little too aimless. Besides the general topic of photography, it was missing a central theme. I felt like I needed one, something that guides me in planning ahead my articles and also that shows readers what to expect from reading meandmymegapixels.

Oliver Erb

A Special Guide to Photography

Until today, I’ve never read a single book about photography and yes, I essentially don’t have a clue even about the basics of photography. According to many fellow photographers, I am thereby unfit to even take the most simple pictures and on a sure road to failure. Yet, I feel like I’m doing okay. And I believe other people would too. So that’s what I’m gonna do: I will share what I’ve learned about photography just by picking up my camera and starting to take photos. You won’t hear too much about ISO, aperture and all the other boring theory that might stop beginners from having fun.

Little Girl Taking Photo
Anyone can be a photographer.

Once A Week, Two Categories

Every friday, I’ll publish a new article from one of the two following categories:

  • how to: in „how to“ I will explain my photography techniques, i.e. how to shoot photos at night, how to photograph a holi festival, how to organize your photos, or how to capture beautiful sunsets.
  • why: the „why“-articles on the other hand will focus on ideas and inspiration for your own photos, for examples why a foggy night is perfect for photos, why all your equipment should fit into one bag or why markets are a great place to photograph.

That’s the plan. The last days, I’ve already prepared some articles and filled a notebook with numerous ideas for more. Now I can’t wait to start (which is gonna happen next firday) and I hope you’ll like it.


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