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Coming Home

Christmas – for those who don’t live with their families, it’s usually a time of coming home, coming together. And also it’s a time of traveling.


Sadly, when you have to rely on such companies like Deutsche Bahn, it is mostly as well a time of waiting…


However, I still try to enjoy the way home. And in the faces of your fellow travelers you can see – they are as well.


Skylining in Frankfurt

Going from A to B inside an airport can be quite challenging. I’ve already had my fair share of horrible transportation at airports. One of my last trips took me to the Dubai International Airport, where they packed all passengers into a boiling hot bus and then drove for about 30 minutes to our gate. That’s one of these situations when you realize how few time you can actually hold your breath…

Anyway, all of these trips have something in common: You get to see a lot of the airport. One of my favorites is the SkyLine at Frankfurt Airport, an elevated railway system connecting the terminals. What’s so great about this system is that it gives you a great view of the airport and it’s open for everyone, meaning you don’t need to check in to use it.


On this HDR picture I used Tone Mapping, which while resulting in an overall dirty look, made many details visible such as skidmarks on the ground. You can literally see how thousands of planes and other vehicles have been driving on this concrete floor.