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Coming Home

Christmas – for those who don’t live with their families, it’s usually a time of coming home, coming together. And also it’s a time of traveling.


Sadly, when you have to rely on such companies like Deutsche Bahn, it is mostly as well a time of waiting…


However, I still try to enjoy the way home. And in the faces of your fellow travelers you can see – they are as well.


Merry Christmas

What are we seeing here? Not a particularly good photo, but I’m okay with that for today. What we have here is a Christmas glass ornament. Looks weird, huh? I guess thats because it got burned pretty bad, just as the tree it fell from and actually just like basically everything else around. That also explains the nice layer of ashes on the wooden floor carpet.

Fire on Christmas

I won’t get into the details of where and why I took this photo, it just reminds me of how everyone should appreciate being able to have a nice normal Christmas. So enjoy the day. Merry Christmas, everyone!