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500 Layers of Advertisment

One day on my way home I stumbled upon a very rare kind of tree. Please take a moment and think about what you are seeing here. Is it really a tree? Could well be, but then it would barely be an interesting photo. So of course it’s not a tree. Any further ideas?

Urban Tree
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Dead Pigs and Pianos

Last october I took a walk through an area of my city called “Schlachthof” – slaughterhouse. Back then this must have been a pretty bloody and creepy place.

In 2006, the last steaks were made and the place shot down. Right now it’s in the process of becoming a home for arts and creative business. A bunch of mostly media and advertising agencies have opened offices there, as well as nightclubs, restaurants, etc. In a nutshell: the place to be for any hipster. So of course there is always a swarm of folks, who instagram every inch of this place … something that I would never do…

Piano Workshop

What can I say? Couldn’t resist to check it out. And yeah, I had fun. It was a pretty cool place after all. You wanna explore more and more. Walking around I suddenly came across this little piano workshop. While I can’t explain why the owner decided to store some of his pianos outside the building, I kinda loved the look of it. These time-worn pianos surrounded by buildings that looked like they would come down any minute … it really fascinated me. I’m excited to see how this place will change as construction goes on.