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Hot Stuff

For many years -until I moved to another city- I had been a firefighter at the local Fire Department. As I was already into photography at this time, I was trying to document our work as good as possible. In this time I learned a lot about how to discretely shoot photos, as you don’t want to take a photo right in front of some people whose house is burning down. When I come to think about it, I took really few photos of actual fire – because as long as its burning, you usually don’t have a moment for that…

At this time, I was working with a Olympus C-960, which was back then a quite good camera. The resolution wasn’t too high, but the images were really sharp and had brilliant colors. For a camera in 2001, that was already a lot to ask. But most of all, this camera was tough. It fell down, got wet, was in freezing cold and burning houses, but that old thing still works like it just came out of the factory.

On Fire

So, what happened on this photo? We were called to a fire in a barn. When the first car arrived, it was already completely on fire and the roof coming down. I took this photo maybe 15 minutes after I had arrived. We had surrounded the burning building and were gradually extinguishing the flames. What you can’t see, is that I was in full gear, just as my comrade in front of the lens. That was pretty exhausting work, as it was mid-summer and already freaking hot. Now imagine sitting in the sun, in front of a fire in thick clothes, breathing trough a mask. Pure fun 🙂