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Rocket Science

Let me start the new year with some photos, I snapped a few years ago.

Rocket Science

At this time, I didn’t have a great camera and even though I was shooting with high exposure, the photos were in my opinion quite decent.

Rocket Science

As you might see, I was pretty fascinated with the rockets blasting off into the night sky.

Rocket Science

Rocket Science

Rocket Science

Yesterday / this morning I took some other photos, I’ll post them too these days.


Coming Home

Christmas – for those who don’t live with their families, it’s usually a time of coming home, coming together. And also it’s a time of traveling.


Sadly, when you have to rely on such companies like Deutsche Bahn, it is mostly as well a time of waiting…


However, I still try to enjoy the way home. And in the faces of your fellow travelers you can see – they are as well.

500 Layers of Advertisment

One day on my way home I stumbled upon a very rare kind of tree. Please take a moment and think about what you are seeing here. Is it really a tree? Could well be, but then it would barely be an interesting photo. So of course it’s not a tree. Any further ideas?

Urban Tree
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Isn’t It A Beautiful Morning?

Winter’s coming, it’s getting dark early, the sun rises late, the temperatures are dropping. Doesn’t make it too easy to get out of bed in the morning. But what can you do?

At least, this time of the year – especially early in the morning – is quite pretty. Today I captured these photos close to my home.

A Morning in Fall

The sun was low, shining its dark-red light on the street. Walking a little further the sun got behind a tree, illuminating the scene quite nicely.

A Morning in Fall

As usual I had some trouble getting everything done the way I wanted with my old phone, but I think it turned out okay.

A Morning in Fall

What do you think? Reminds you of fall/autumn in your own city?

A Morning in Fall

Geeks with Ambition

If you wanna be the next Zuckerberg and you happen to live in Germany, there is only one place to go: Berlin. The capital of Germany is THE place for geeks with ambition. We are talking a billion startups starting up every day. In a nutshell, the city is crowded with hipsters.

For some reason, these hipsters have made a habit of working most of the day in coffee shops. I don’t know what it is to sit in these crowded places with their overpriced cookies and coffees and work. Maybe it’s all about “see and be seen”, sitting there with your fancy MacBook and a Club Mate pretending to work on a super secret app that is gonna change the world…

Coffee Shop in Berlin

But at least the wifi is for free…

Coffee Shop in Berlin

Holi Macaroni

Last weekend I went to a Holi event in my town. Holi is a Hindu religious festival and therefore celebrated mainly in India and Nepal. However, in the last years it has been widely commercialized and turned into a huge party in many cities around the globe. So I went there with mixed feelings…

Holi Festival Of Colours Karlsruhe

I had first seen a Holi Festival in the movie Outsourced quite some years ago, but heard about it from some Indian friends in the USA a couple of years ago. A main idea of the Holi celebration is throwing colored powder at each other and thereby erasing for a moment social barriers such as age, gender, status, and caste. The video of a Sony commercial illustrates nicely how colorful this event is (and no, Sony doesn’t sponsor me, the video is just interesting from a photographers point of view).

So, here are some photos from the event:

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Upside Down

On a bike trip a while ago I came across a little lake. It was fascinating, the water was perfectly calm. The lake was surrounded by trees which effectively shielded it from any wind. You could not see any movement on the surface.

What fascinated me from a photographic point of view was the reflection on the water. It was like I was looking right into a mirror. Even more, the image in the water seemed much clearer than the bright sky on this summer day.

A Calm Lake

What I did afterwards was turning the image upside down, leaving the viewer (hopefully at least for a moment) puzzled what’s the reflection and what’s not.