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One of the cool things about being on a lonely island in the middle of nowhere are the amazing sunsets.


Me and my wife spent many nights sitting on the beach or on a pier watching this huge glowing ball sinking and disappearing into the ocean.


I took many photo every time we sat there, but I really loved the ones with this plane. Every day, new visitors were brought to the island by plane. Taking off, the waterplane was followed by a small cloud of water that glimmered in the sun.




Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with image editing on my smartphone. There are so many apps out there for taking photos and editing them, but in my opinion only a few of them are really useful. One of my latest photos is this one:

War Zone

I didn’t take it in or anywhere close to a war zone, neither have I experienced (not counting Left4Dead) a zombie apocalypse – I just edited an average photo to give it a more interesting look.

But how exactly did I edit it? Let me tell you. Continue reading Aftermath

Skylining in Frankfurt

Going from A to B inside an airport can be quite challenging. I’ve already had my fair share of horrible transportation at airports. One of my last trips took me to the Dubai International Airport, where they packed all passengers into a boiling hot bus and then drove for about 30 minutes to our gate. That’s one of these situations when you realize how few time you can actually hold your breath…

Anyway, all of these trips have something in common: You get to see a lot of the airport. One of my favorites is the SkyLine at Frankfurt Airport, an elevated railway system connecting the terminals. What’s so great about this system is that it gives you a great view of the airport and it’s open for everyone, meaning you don’t need to check in to use it.


On this HDR picture I used Tone Mapping, which while resulting in an overall dirty look, made many details visible such as skidmarks on the ground. You can literally see how thousands of planes and other vehicles have been driving on this concrete floor.

Plane From The Moon

This is one of these photos, which could have been awesome. What I had in front of my eyes really had potential for an awesome image. What I had in my hand was a smartphone lacking any possibility to zoom. Argh! Do you know the feeling? There is this really awesome thing right in front of you, but you have no camera or just a crappy smartphone camera at hand.

So there you have it, my best possible shot of a really nice subject: a plane passing by in front of the fading moon in the background.

Plane from the Moon