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500 Layers of Advertisment

One day on my way home I stumbled upon a very rare kind of tree. Please take a moment and think about what you are seeing here. Is it really a tree? Could well be, but then it would barely be an interesting photo. So of course it’s not a tree. Any further ideas?

Urban Tree
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The Artist

Last week I saw this street artist in Stuttgart. Street artists are usually something that let’s me rest for a moment and take a closer look – or a photo. First I thought he was painting on the street, however I realized he was “just” painting on a large piece of paper.

Street Artist

It was a little hard to say if he was actually still working on that painting. From my point of view it seemed as if the painting was completely finished and the guy just repainting various parts over and over. Who knows?

Street Artist

How boring would a pedestrian area be without the little blurs of colors that street artists and musicians give them.

The Loser Equivalent

There are certain things you should do at least once in your life, like crossing the equator, running a marathon or swimming with sharks. If you are a real nerd, you will also find on your list “staying all night at the library” … and learning Manadarin maybe. I myself did some of these things, even completed the shark challenge – and of course I’ve stayed at the library all night long. This is the ultimate loser equivalent of “partying all night and getting out of the club in the morning” (something you should have on your list too). For me, it was actually an interesting experience even though in retrospective I doubt I learned much after 4am. You watch how this crowded place slowly becomes quiet and only a few students, either really motivated or really desperate, remain. The cleaning crew goes through the place as tired employees put back the last books into the shelves. Then, even most of them leave and you stay, trying to somehow get your work done, reading books, writing down notes. And for some weird reason, this actually starts to feel fun – in my case mostly because of the friends who were with me.

Night at the Library

When I took this photo, my days as a student were luckily already over. Actually I was on my way to the video store, the lazy equivalent of the library. The street was mostly dark, only the windows of library let trough some light, illuminating the street. I passed by and saw this single bike in front of the place. I couldn’t help to imagine who this bike belongs to and wondering what’s holding him/her tonight…

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Do you remember the time when everyone had these stupid “Santa climbs up to my window”-decoration outside their homes? After some time this just stopped being funny and in my opinion became almost more annoying than the 100th time of “Last Christmas” on the radio. Anyhow, a few days ago I found something that was actually pretty cool. When I was walking down the stairs of an old house I suddenly spotted Spiderman – a life-sized Spiderman climbing up the wall of the building. How cool is that?


It’s too bad this cool thing is kinda hidden in the backyard of the building, that would make an awesome attraction on the front of the house.

A Bird on the Wall

Strolling through the streets of Karlsruhe in Germany I came across this beautiful piece of art on a wall.

Streetart Karlsruhe

I was on the way to a small Asian shop around the corner and actually wondered how I had never seen this painting. It is quite impressive as it goes up all the way to the roof of the house.

Googling a little bit, I came across many more photos of street art in the city. I wasn’t really aware of this, so soon I’ll set out to find some more of these paintings.