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Where People Eat

What I love about travelling is trying new kinds of food. Hence I have seen many different places, where people eat. An interesting one I came across in Baños, Ecuador.

Strolling trough the town, I had seen many people entering something that from the outside looked like a storage building. I couldn’t resist to follow them and check it out. Surprisingly, I ended up in a market/restaurant.

Baños, Ecuador

In one part of the warehouse merchants sold fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Baños, Ecuador

Baños, Ecuador

The other part of the building was filled with tiny kitchens. Assigned to each of these kitchens was a table right in front.

Baños, Ecuador

For me, this was a concept unlike everything I had seen before. Each of these kitchens prepared food only for one group of guests at a time.

Baños, Ecuador

Unfortunately, my pampered European stomach didn’t feel brave enough this day to try some of the food from this community (ironically, I got sick the next day from a supposedly “clean” restaurant, damn you weak stomach!).

Baños, Ecuador


500 Layers of Advertisment

One day on my way home I stumbled upon a very rare kind of tree. Please take a moment and think about what you are seeing here. Is it really a tree? Could well be, but then it would barely be an interesting photo. So of course it’s not a tree. Any further ideas?

Urban Tree
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Isn’t It A Beautiful Morning?

Winter’s coming, it’s getting dark early, the sun rises late, the temperatures are dropping. Doesn’t make it too easy to get out of bed in the morning. But what can you do?

At least, this time of the year – especially early in the morning – is quite pretty. Today I captured these photos close to my home.

A Morning in Fall

The sun was low, shining its dark-red light on the street. Walking a little further the sun got behind a tree, illuminating the scene quite nicely.

A Morning in Fall

As usual I had some trouble getting everything done the way I wanted with my old phone, but I think it turned out okay.

A Morning in Fall

What do you think? Reminds you of fall/autumn in your own city?

A Morning in Fall

Geeks with Ambition

If you wanna be the next Zuckerberg and you happen to live in Germany, there is only one place to go: Berlin. The capital of Germany is THE place for geeks with ambition. We are talking a billion startups starting up every day. In a nutshell, the city is crowded with hipsters.

For some reason, these hipsters have made a habit of working most of the day in coffee shops. I don’t know what it is to sit in these crowded places with their overpriced cookies and coffees and work. Maybe it’s all about “see and be seen”, sitting there with your fancy MacBook and a Club Mate pretending to work on a super secret app that is gonna change the world…

Coffee Shop in Berlin

But at least the wifi is for free…

Coffee Shop in Berlin

Wintertime Sadness

Last winter I visited Frankfurt and while being on the subway I took this photo. What fascinated me were the faces of the people – all of them seemed to be depressed and in a bad mood, sick of the long winter in Germany:

On the Subway

The floor of the train is still full of water from the snow, carried by the shoes of everyone. It makes everything look dirty and not like a comfortable place. For this mood, a black and white picture felt appropriate. I think it’s the perfect portrait of a long winter – without showing any snow.

The Pirate Bay

There is a place that you always dreamed of: A place where you can find clothes of all brands, a collection of movies and games bigger than you have seen in any shop or videostore, the newest phones, biggest TVs – and everything cheaper than you’ll ever find it. Too good to be true? Well, there’s a downside: One way or another, it’s all pirated.

La Bahia

La Bahia (the bay) in Guayaquil, Ecuador is a street market full of copied DVDs, stolen phones and fake brands. While this is not true for all the market, it’s true for a large part of it. If you have been robbed some days before, there is a good chance that you can buy back your phone right here.

At the same time it is a fascinating place. Most of the market consists of little stands that stretch across various street blocks, other vendors sell from houses, for some business you might even walk into the backyards.

La Bahia

Now, how do you take photos in a place like this? As a friend told me before, people there are not too excited to see someone running around with a camera – and this coming from a local, now imagine a white boy with his Sony NEX. I decided to go for my old Nokia N95. Even though being from 2007, the camera in the phone has 5 Megapixels and decent image quality. In order to shoot fast I switched the autofocus to infinite. The results were surprisingly good. First of all, shooting was incredibly fast, I didn’t raise too much attention with my small phone and the image quality was overall satisfying.

La Bahia

If you ever come to Guayaquil, make sure to check out this market. It is worth a look. However, while it might be tempting, I wouldn’t buy any used electronics, then after all in many cases this means supporting armed robbery. So just enjoy some window shopping in the pirate bay.

Patriotism by the meter

Today, on July 25, the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador was founded. Days before the entire city had already started preparing for the big fiesta. In nearly every street you could find flags of the city and the country. One day downtown my wife dragged me into this shop which sold cloth. I started taking some photos of the colorful scene.

Flag of Ecuador

In this shop they sold the national flag by the meter. This kind of patriotism is something that you won’t find in my home country Germany, so I actually like the idea of people proudly decorating their homes with a flag.