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Coming Home

Christmas – for those who don’t live with their families, it’s usually a time of coming home, coming together. And also it’s a time of traveling.


Sadly, when you have to rely on such companies like Deutsche Bahn, it is mostly as well a time of waiting…


However, I still try to enjoy the way home. And in the faces of your fellow travelers you can see – they are as well.


Wintertime Sadness

Last winter I visited Frankfurt and while being on the subway I took this photo. What fascinated me were the faces of the people – all of them seemed to be depressed and in a bad mood, sick of the long winter in Germany:

On the Subway

The floor of the train is still full of water from the snow, carried by the shoes of everyone. It makes everything look dirty and not like a comfortable place. For this mood, a black and white picture felt appropriate. I think it’s the perfect portrait of a long winter – without showing any snow.

I’m a thousand miles away from home just waitin’ for a train

Aynone recognize the quote above? If your tip was this guy, then you might have been right.

Anyway. I took this photo with my phone on the way to giving a presentation in Cologne. When the train stopped at Frankfurt Airport, I looked out of my window and saw these two people waiting for their train.

On the Way

I personally have already waiting way too long and often for trains in my life, so I really knew how these two felt. That actually (and the fact that the camera in my SGS is not the best) made me decide to use Instagram and give it a little darker, depressed tone. God, how I hate waiting for trains!