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Last December I was snorkeling in the Maledives. I have honestly never seen a place that actually looked like the picture in the travel brochure. The beaches and the water were just incredible, as were the food and the people.

While later in this blog I’ll show some photos of my encounters with sharks, manta rays, turtles and all kinds of other animals, for now just this photo:

Tauchen auf Maayafushi

I took it on the second day on this island. At this moment I hadn’t built up the courage yet to go out into the open ocean with all these sharks around, so I stayed inside the coral reef that surrounded the island. This bottle on the ground of the ocean immediately caught my attention. Must have been down there for quite some time and looked like right out of a┬átreasure hunter movies. Or maybe it was a message in a bottle which never came further than here. I decided to leave it right there to find for the next diver wondering how it got there.